When the People fear the Government, you have Tyranny.  When the Government fears the People, you have Liberty.

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!


                                                                                                                                       The Process

1. Obtain Funding for Main Web site and Political Database Creation.
 2.  Establish 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Lobbying Corporation.
 3.  Design Web Site and Create Political Database and the following items:
      *  Simple information about the issues and more in depth links to information on all the topics addressed by the site to help educate the site members.
      *  Design polls on the issues to determine which are important to our members and become a nationally quoted Polling source for the media.
      *  Pre-written emails and letters that can be easily clicked on by our members to produce a letter they can print and send themselves.  Or send
          an instant email to their Senator, Congressman, or the President.
      *  Forums for each topic to allow member input and discussion.
 4.  During site design phase, obtain more funding from Corporations for National Advertising Campaign.
 5.  Launch Web Site.
 6.  Start Web Site polls on main issues our members want Congress to act upon.
 7.  Solicit Web Site advertisers.
 8.  Start radio, print, and television ads.
 9.  Start mass communication to Congress.
10.  Develop contacts in each State to facilitate communication on State issues.
11.  Build State Representatives database.
12.  Start Web Site polls on main State issues for all 50 states.
13.  Start mass communication to State lawmakers on issues our members want their State to act upon.
14.  Make lobbying trips to Washington to represent American Citizens and speak louder that the Special Interest Groups.
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