When the People fear the Government, you have Tyranny.  When the Government fears the People, you have Liberty.

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

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Dear American Citizen,


It is time to Take Back Our Country and our Freedom!  We can no longer afford to sit back and complain about Washington and the state our Elected Officials have gotten us into.  Our children and grandchildren are having their future methodically stripped from them and it is Our fault.


Some of the citizens of this country have spoken as loudly as they can.  But in most situations, there are not enough voices for Washington to really hear.  Yes, they heard us on the topic of Immigration a few years ago and stopped a bill that would have been another nail in our Country’s coffin.  But after that, nothing else was done to fix the problem that still exists today.  Yes, they heard us a little on the Bail Out legislation.  But not enough to make it easier to grow a business, create more long lasting jobs or employ more people.  And Health Care?  We all know they heard us but did what they wanted anyway.  A few thousand to over one hundred thousand voices have been raised and it is still not enough.  We need a vehicle to generate Millions of voices at the same time if we have any chance of becoming We The People again rather than We the Government.  I believe we can accomplish this daunting task.  And when our representatives are fighting for what we want they will need this kind of support to keep their political will on track.


We need to design a Web Site specifically dedicated to making communication in large numbers easy and advertise it nationally.  Yes, there are many political sites out there like Heritage, The Fair Tax, Free Thinkers, Tea Party, Government Waste and Abuse, and more.  And they provide a limited opportunity to contact Washington.  But, not only do all these great sites dilute the contact base, they and most of the people that do political commentary on the television or radio miss the point.  To gather a huge number of people from all over the country to communicate regularly with Washington will take national advertising on television, in print, and radio to direct them to the Web Site.  Our major news programs, daytime TV, prime time shows, sports and many more will make the difference in gathering millions of American Citizens to speak to Washington with One voice.  We need to become like the 1976 film Network where normal citizens hung their heads out their windows and screamed “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”.  Hope and Change has turned into Fear, Politics As Usual, and despair, all designed to bring Our government into more control over our lives.  I, for one, will not just sit there and let it happen!


I have posted this in hopes that it makes sense and you are as mad as I am about our elected officials and the direction our country is heading.  To accomplish this task will take millions of dollars and thousands of man hours.  We are contacting business and private citizens to raise the funds necessary to accomplish this task.  Please look deep into your heart and donate to get this idea started..  We can not afford to take the position of "wait and see".  The very fabric of your Freedom and mine is unraveling with every day we delay.  No, there will be no tax write-off or fame to be gained by helping start this idea.  But there will be uncountable benefits to every American and their children and grandchildren.  If we do not take action now..............then when?   This is not a call to arms but call to civil action by the people to briing our out of control government back to the values our Constitution established.  We The People must Not let the Government entice us with promises of unearned welfare or distract us with claims that it is always the other parties fault.  The American citizen is the engine of our country; the producers.  The Government produces nothing but Eats everything.  The bigger it gets, the more of our hard earned production and wealth they eat.  Again I ask, if not now.....then when will we all stand up as one nation and reclaim our Constitution and Freedom.           When?


From One American Citizen to Another,

Thank You

Don Bilsky, USA Retired

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